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11 August 2008 @ 08:13 pm
another fun entry from souta 2008-08-11  
I'm worried~!

A phone call from home.

"Are you doing well~?"

The one phrase my mom always uses (laugh).
After that, the conversation usually goes to "When are you going to take a break from work?"
"Wait a second..."
That always happens too. Next is my dad (laugh).

"Hello~♪" [t/n: in english]

The one phrase my dad always says (laugh).
But what came next was different from usual!
My dad, who normally, despite the "Hello," doesn't talk much, actually became unusually chatty today... f^_^;
Just as I was wondering why, "I had the honor of viewing your blog. It's quite something~"

Ah~He's drunk... (sweatdrop)
When my dad gets drunk, he sometimes uses honorifics even with his own son (>_<) oh wait...! He read my blog!! For that I'm honestly thankful m(__)m. Then the dad who's many a time gotten drunk and started using honorifics said, "You've started to resemble me." Which entry gave him that idea? I'm worried... Then at the same time that he said "Bye" and was able to hang up, he said, probably to my mom, "Just as I thought, he's... tsu-tsu-tsu (click)." I'm curious--!! (>_<) What was the word after that? What did they talk about? I'm curious both about the last word and what about me has become like my dad, and I'm worried that, if it's true, eventually I'll also start talking in honorific when I get drunk and say the same thing over and over again... I'm worried! But... if I turned out like my mom, I'd be talking nonstop all the time (sweatdrop).

hahahaha XD
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