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09 July 2009 @ 03:46 pm
souta 2009-06-22  
Wash it away with water.

I'm apparently a moron.

Yesterday I dreamed that I was performing on stage f^_^;

but not just performing...

In the dream I was sleeping and was awoken by the faint ringing of my cell phone, which I answered half-asleep.
And then...

(On the other side) "What are you doing! It's almost time to go on!!"

(Me) "Huh? What?"

(The other person) "Don't be a moron! I'm talking about today's show!"

(Me) "Oh, crap. I forgot!"

None of this was true but for some reason I took it all seriously
maybe because it was a dream,
but I ended up directly at the theater!
Or maybe "transported" there (haha)

Once I got there, it was almost my turn!

But... although I went to the theater because someone suddenly told me to...

What kind of show is this anyway?
What's my role?

I didn't know anything, and I had no time to practice!!

The nervousness I felt standing on that stage is something I never!!! want to experience in real life... (sweatdrop)

And then when it came my turn to speak

"Ah!! (bam)"

I woke up.

I woke up but in the ambiguity of whether what just happened was real or not, I was sweating like crazy (lol) so I went into the bathroom to take a shower.

During the shower I realized, relieved, that it was all a dream, and washed away all the sweat.

if I'd thought it had all been real...

The sweat would've gone down the drain, but not the fear and realization of the importance of rehearsals.