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hirohonyaku's Journal

hiro honyaku
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translating various asian things
this is mytigerhobbes's translation journal. i figured i'd spare my usual f-list the torture of scrolling past my erratic translation posts and dump them all here instead. my interests are pretty random but mainly clustered around the little island nation that is japan. chinese/taiwanese translations will occasionally make their way up here too, and maybe korean pop groups doing activities in japan. i tend to pick things that seem easy to understand or amuse me. XD;

here is a brief list of things i translate:
aoyama souta's blog
goumoto naoya's blog
tsuchiya yuuichi's blog
nagayama takashi's blog
base ball bear's blog
song lyrics, COAT/Coat West video clips, Big Bang in Japan, etc

please check out the tags if you're looking for something specific :D

-i have taken 3 years of japanese in college. i'm nowhere near fluent but can understand a good deal with the help of google, perapera-kun, alc, and basic common sense XD;; as for chinese, i grew up hearing mandarin so i can understand most simple conversation (the kind you get in dramas, conveniently :P).
-you won't find every blog entry ever (although i souta-spam more often than anything else XD). for a more complete documentation of translations, try
thats_my_line for naoya and souta (officially dropped 8/8/08) and
oh_tuti for tuti and nagayan (hasn't been updated recently though)